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You Get:

Zertifikat mit Ihrem Namen oder Logo Certificate with your Name or Logo

Drei Wirkungsberichte mit individualisierten Inhalten Three impact reports with individualized content

Präsentation von CEO Karsten für die Mitarbeiter/das Team des Sponsors über die Arbeit bei Plastic Fischer Presentation from CEO Karsten for the sponsor’s employees/team about the work at Plastic Fischer

Inhalt gleiches Paket (10 Bilder, 2 Videos (vertikal)) Content same package (10 pictures, 2 videos (vertical))

Beitrag zum Thema Sponsoring auf Instagram und LinkedIn Post about sponsoring on Instagram and LinkedIn

Logo-Upload auf unserer Website (optional) Logo upload on our website (optional)


River Plastic is non-organic material that we collected directly from the river, out of our TrashBoom systems, from the River Bank, or from the environment which is not further than 20 m away from a river and would most likely have ended up in the river through wind and rain.


Finance our end-to-end operations and support honest and transparent social & environmental impact. Every 1 € finances the collection and processing of 1 kilogram of River Plastic. We do not take into account organic material or recyclables. With this, we create „additionality“ = Collecting harmful material that otherwise would not have been collected.


Unfortunately, most of the River Plastic is not recyclable. This is one of the reasons why it ends up in the environment: It has no value. Through our operations and your funding, we can collect this material.

How we invest

Become a Plastic Fischer today and support measurable and verified Impact. Create local jobs and fisch tons of River Plastic with us. Learn about how we invest your money on our "Impact" page.

No Greenwashing!

We only communicate what we can measure and prove. By binding every sponsor to communicate fact-based, we want to avoid any kind of greenwashing. If a company decides to support us, it has to communicate the extent of support.

Company X finances the collection and processing of 50 Tons of River Plastic. X can not say: We are sustainable, because we support Plastic Fischer. X can say: Thanks to Plastic Fischer, we can recover and process 50 tons of River Plastic that otherwise would have ended up in the oceans.

We protect both sides with this! No one can blame us or you for not telling the truth.